George Street Complex, Glasgow

Previously home to a number of City Council departments, the George Street Complex, as it was previously known, consisted of a collection of disparate and contrasting buildings including the former Inland Revenue building at 280 George Street and the Parish Halls at 266 George Street, as well as an 80 year old gap site and assorted small storage buildings on Martha Street.

Now known as Love Loan, our plans for the site allow for a mix of complementary uses that will enable retention and refurbishment of much of the listed buildings, which add richness and give character to the site, with new build elements that will repair and reinstate the urban block. We’re bringing a 245 bed AC by Marriott to the corner of John Street and George Street, plenty of residential apartments, as well as a fantastic mix of restaurant, cafe, studio, gallery and bar uses, many of which will front on to a previously private lane. Our plans are to open up this lane and create an east/west thoroughfare through the development, which will bring a real vibrancy and buzz and give residents, hotel guests and visitors/passers by an amazing destination to spend time in or pass through.

More information can be found on the Love Loan website.  If you would like to find out more about the opportunities available at Love Loan, please get in touch via