George Street Complex, Glasgow

Previously home to a number of City Council departments, the George Street Complex is made up of a collection of disparate and contrasting buildings – the category B listed corner building at 280 George Street, the A listed Parish Halls at 266 George Street, the 1940s John Street building and assorted small storage buildings on Martha Street. The buildings each enjoy their own distinct characteristics – a grand staircase, stained glass windows, decorative plaster ceilings and glazed brick.

Chris Stewart Group’s proposals allow for a mix of complementary uses that will enable retention and refurbishment of much of the listed buildings, which add richness and give character to the site, with new build elements that will repair and reinstate the urban block. CSG is also looking to create a publicly accessible pedestrian lane that permeates through the centre of the site. This will help realise the full potential of the development by filling ground and mezzanine levels of the lane with a diverse mix of restaurant, cafe, studio, gallery and bar uses, which will bring real vibrancy and vitality to the whole area.

Planning permission, together with listed building and conservation area consents were granted in 2017 and focus is now turning to the timing and phasing of the project.

All enquiries should be directed to Chris Stewart Group – 0131 225 9567 and